Baa Baa Bouncers

It is our pleasure to offer for sale wool dryer balls.  This package of three dryer balls is intended to replace dryer sheets in your laundry.  Just put all three balls in your dyer and your drying time will be reduced.  They will also help with wrinkles in your laundry.  People have said that they reduce static, but I have found if my clothes contain static, I have left the clothes in the dryer too long.  

Wool dryer balls are a renewable and sustainable resource.  Purchases of these dryer balls helps to support a small family farm.  I personally make each and every one of these dryer balls and they are 100% wool.  They are decorated with colored wool that is completely colorfast and safe for your family.  The balls can even be used as baby toys.

Due to studies that show environmental toxins contribute to many neurological diseases, I have switched over to using only wool dryer balls and not fabric softener, or dryer sheets or anything that claims to "keep my laundry smelling fresh for a month".  Most of these items contain the following chemicals: alpha-terpineol (causes central nervous system disorders); benzyl alcohol (causes central nervous system disorders, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and central nervous system depresson); camphor (this is on the US EPA's hazardous waste list); chloroform (on the EPA's hazardous waste list); ethyl acetate (on the EPA's hazardous waste list); linalool (causes central nervous sytem disorders); and pentane (causes headaches, nausea, comiting,d izziness, drowsiness and loss of consciousness).    There are currently no laws that require manufacturers to list all of the chemicals used in dryer sheets.  To read more information, please look up toxic dryer sheets on the internet.

DryerBall350dryer balls350

If you like a certain color, please let me know and I will try to match up your colors with the dryer balls available. 

One set of dryer balls is $25.00.  Shipping is $5.00.  Items will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase.