Dieffenbacker, the Maremma watching over his flock of Angora goats, sheep, and alpacas.

*  The Maremma breed started in Italy and their history can be tracked back over two thousand years.  Their function in the past as well as today is to guard the flock and property of the shepherd.  This dog is considered one of the oldest breeds.

*   Maremmas are not intended to be pets - they are truly working dogs.  They are always watchful and bark their warning at anything out of the ordinary.  Our dogs will even warn if there are hawks flying overhead.

*  It is important for this breed to be socialized and given basic obedience training.  These dogs love to be with their flock and are only truly happy when watching out for them.  One of the favorite spots for the dogs to lay and watch over everyone is on top of the picnic table!  They get along well with our household pets and our barn cats.  These dogs are very  intelligent, independent and always alert.  We sleep better knowing our dogs are watching over the stock.

*  The Maremma is a double coated breed.  Their coats are white with markings of ivory, light lemon yellow or pale orange.  The outer coat is long, thick and slightly wavy.  Their under coat is soft and dense.  They are protected from all types of weather with this kind of coat.  In fact, our dogs will stay on duty in sleet, freezing rain, & snow.  I have finally learned to lock them up with the animals if I want they out of the weather  - they don't seem to mind the weather at all.   Their outer coat is actually amazing  - I have seen these dogs so covered in mud that I wouldn't have believed they would ever be white again - but they dry off and the mud & dirt just seem to fall off.  

*  If you treat your Maremmas kindly, you will be rewarded with an indispensable guardian for your flock and farm. 

 wolfie&dief375Our two Maremmas, Wolfie and Dieffenbacker in the background.

 Dieffenbacker keeping a watch from the barn door.