Our Chickens "Just Say NO!" to hormones, antibiotics, and any artificial additives

 Free Range chicken and duck eggs for sale locally.


Tammy Fay the Ancona chicken.

"No way I'm going out in THAT!"

We have a mixed flock of  Americanas (blue egg layers), Welsummers (speckled brown egg layers), Anconas and Leghorns (white egg layers) and Red Star (brown egg layers).    They have been raised free range, cage free, and free roaming.  They have never been feed ay hormones, antibiotics or chemicals.  They diet consists of corn, soybeans, millet and various whole grains and seeds; plus whatever they consume from our pastures.  They spend their days following the sheep, goats, and alpacas. 

Our eggs are as wholesome and fresh as they can be  - my family eats these eggs!

Do I need a rooster to get eggs from my hens?

No you do not.  Modern chickens will lay eggs starting around 5 months old.  They do not need a rooster in order to do this.  If you are only interested in eggs, you don't ever need to have a rooster present.  If you want to raise your own chickens, then you need a rooster!

Can I get baby chicks from your eggs?

No.  The eggs I sell are not fertilized.  They would never ever hatch a baby chicken.  I do have a rooster, but he is kept separate from my laying flock, and used only for breeding purposes.

I see a white circular spot on my yolk - what is that?

This is called the germinal disc.  This is where the fertilization would start if the egg was fertilized.  All eggs have this.

Why is it so hard to peel a boiled egg?

Eggs that are only a few days old have not developed air space between the egg white and shell.  I have seen it recommended that you refrigerate your eggs for several days before you try making hard boiled eggs, but  I personally like to wait around two weeks for the eggs to be easy to peel.

What is the best way to store fresh eggs:

Please store your eggs in the carton in your refrigerator.  Do not store them in the door, as the temperature is not stable there.  Eggs can absorb refrigerator odors, so keep them in their carton.

What are the stringy white pieces in the egg whites?

The rope-like strands of egg white are called "chalazae" (ka-LAY-zee).   This is not an imperfection or the beginning of a chick.  The chalazae is what stabilizes the egg yolk in the center of the egg white.


Chicken Tractor - Still a work in progress!

My dreams have come true!  Steve has taken a design off the internet and adapted it to work in our situation!   The new and improved Chicken Tractor is about 6' tall in the center, so that an adult can walk into it.  We will have more detail plans on this tractor has it is finished.  I can't wait to see it in action!

chickentractor1 350

This is constructed from pressure treated 2x4's - 2 10' and 2-12' and two cattle panels purchased from the local feed store. 

The frame was built then the panels were wedged into place and anchored with metal straping to keep them in place.

We used a tarp that covers the back wall and over the top for shade.

More work is to be done on this  - the 2x4's for the base don't work well with wheels  - there will be changes before the final coop plans are shown here.  I still love the fact that I can walk into it.