cal red head shot

 California Red ewe "Pebbles" in her sheep coat.

California Red Sheep have many good things going for them:     

  • Year round breeding is possible - making it possible to have three lamb seasons during a two year period.
  • Rams are not affected by heat as much as other breeds.
  • Considered a medium size sheep with the rams weighing around 225 to 250 pounds, and the ewes weighing between 130 to 150 pounds.
  • They can be used as dairy sheep, due to high milk solids content.
  • No wool on legs or belly - easy for lambing and easy to shear!
  • Ease of lambing - these sheep are a shepherd's dream - no problems with lambing and plenty of milk to keep all the lambs growing well.
  • Ewes are excellent mothers - they bond well with their offspring and are very defensive of them.  
  • Both sexes are naturally hornless.
  • Lambs are born a beautiful shade of dark red. Their wool changes to lighter shades as they mature, but their faces and legs stay the color they were born with.  
  • Fleeces are kept under a coat - extremely clean
  • Fleeces are very well skirted
  • They are very calm sheep and easy to take care of  - this is an excellent choice for the beginner shepherd!


California Red twins at one week old.

Raw wool fleece is sold at $20 per pound. You must buy the entire fleece which usually weighs around 4 lbs.


To place an order, please E-Mail me or call 301-908-5985 with the item description, your name and address.  We can send  an invoice thru PayPay, or you can charge it over the phone if you want to pay with a credit card.  We also accept checks (with at least two weeks clearance time).  Pricing does not include shipping costs.  

goatkid325   California Red lamb with Angora Goat kid

Below are some web sites that we use often for supplies, questions, and additional information about this wonderful breed:

California Red Sheep Registry Inc.

Maryland Small Ruminant Page

Sheepman Supply Company, Frederick Maryland

Pipestone Veterinary Sheep & Goat Supplies

Pebbles and our first lamb, Paprika

We currently have one California Red breeding stock, ewe lambs and ram lambs available.   Please contact me for a listing of what we have.  

They are $400 each.