Grindstone Ridge Farm was established in 2006 when we purchased five acres to start our dream of owning and working a farm.  Chickens were the first to arrive, so that Dawn would have plenty of eggs  to work with.


Sheep came soon afterwards and we were hooked!  Angora goats and alpacas soon followed, so came the ability to mix fibers into delightful rovings and yarns.  

Our goals have been to consistantly produce high quality wools for handspinners and yarns for knitters, along with excellent pastured meat from our animals.  We are always learning and implementing new and sustainable ways to manage our animals and give them the best life possible.  All animals always are cared for in a loving and caring manner.  

Due to recent illness and work situations we have downsized our Farm, but are still working on making this dream work.  We will be doing fiber shows and farmer's markets as much as we can.  We will not give up sharing the experience of farm life with others and getting people connected back to basics.  

Our goals have stayed the same in producing the highest quality wool products possible and producing pasture raised meat.  Our lawn mower  still sits unused while our sheep do the mowing around here.  The goats, well, they are the cutest weed wackers ever! and those pigs can till up the earth better than any machine.

I hope that you would like to join us on this farm experience and follow us on facebook to see current happenings here.

Thanks for visiting!  and you are welcome at the Farm anytime to enjoy seeing where your yarn comes from, and maybe getting a little lamb love in the process.

Dawn & Ross


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